Friday, November 6, 2015

Main Hoon Na

We as a family (and Vaish) decided to watch "Main Hoon Na" about a month ago. I somehow had missed this gem of a film (as everyone told me) and since Puchku is a huge Shah Rukh fan, and knew all the songs, I figured it would be a good family watch.

It really was a fantastic, entertaining film. We all totally got into it, and the one epic scene where Shah Rukh saves Zayed and becomes the local college hero, we all started chanting "Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!" emphatically. Puchku loved it. Now, cut to 45 times of watching the film - he still shouts "Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!" every time that scene comes on.

He also has an ENORMOUS crush on Sushmita Sen. Puchku has a thing called 'Baddoo' that he does with me - where he lovingly hugs and caresses my bare stomach (yeah, he's gonna hate hearing about this as an adolescent). Until now, baddoo was reserved solely for Mumma. But, alas, times are changing, my little baby is becoming a boy. And last week he started on repeat "Mumma, Puchku Sushmita shaathe baddoo korbe." ("Puchku wants to do baddoo with Sushmita")

(Sigh!) I guess this is just one of the many mini-steps for accepting the eventuality that another woman will replace the apple of his eye! It's pretty hilarious for the time being though.

Another couple of cute things about Main Hoon Na -- Amrita Rao's character's name is named Sanjana, and they call her Sanju. In his mind, she is the same Sanju as his own Sanju didi (Parulekar). He's learned to identify Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, and Kabir Bedi from this film. For awhile he would pronounce Naseer's name as "Suneer-eta-sha" so we thought he was saying "Sunil Shetty," but now he's corrected his dyslexic pronunciation of the name.

He also knows that Kabir Bedi, as a sardar in the movie, plays an army officer, so he says "Army maane.... Sardar ji!" I guess it's an acceptable stereotype - there are a lot of Sardar ji's in the Indian Army. Also, when he says "Indian Army" it often sounds like "idiot army."

By the way, Shah Rukh Khan is the MAN. At least in the early 2000's he was SOLID.

It's a Friday night, we are all hanging out in the living room, as Main Hoon Na plays in the background. Baba is increasing the height on Puchku's balance bike, and I'm finally typing out this post that has been in my mind for so long. I made sundried tomato basil risotto for dinner with a side of roasted brussels sprouts. We're all going to actually eat dinner together - this pretty much never happens for the Brahma family!

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