Monday, August 31, 2015

Ugly Saal

My Pupa says so many cute things these days, I don't even know where to start documenting them! These days he's on a Hindi fix - he's been trying to construct sentences in Hindi - and he really doesn't know how to, bc he's just more comfortable in Bangla in general. But I've been noticing he won't speak to me in Bangla, even though he knows how to say that particular sentence in Bangla.

This weekend I had the root canal from hell and was lying around doped up, comatose, holding my mouth for most of my waking hours. He was so sweet and gentle around me.

"Mumma ouchie hain?" and he brings my bone stem for my foot ultrasound. I explain that the ouchie is in Mumma's "mooiya" and not "pau."
"Oh, acha." pronounced just like that. Not the aspirated "achchha" that it should be :-)
"Mumma mooiya ouchie, bandaid?" I explained that I need "dawaai" for this ouchie to go away.
So he begins yelling to Baba in the other room.
"Baba!! Mumma dawaai!" he struggled a bit constructing a sentence, I can't remember what he did in between, but finally landed on "Baba! Iski dawaai kahaan hai?"

His other thing is calling me "bete." I think he got that from Nani, bc we don't call him bete, but I know Nana-Nani do. "Oh, bete, yeh kya hai?" Or just throwing in bete for the sake of it.

He keeps asking me to go visit Iain bhaiya. "Iain bhaiya kaachhe jaabe?" (We'll go to Iain bhaiya?) And I always respond with "Agle saal," next year. Now he just answers the question for himself - "Ugly saal." 

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  1. Antara, you should find time to write more often. Time is flying, he is changing so fast, make video of everything he does cute. I was telling daddy, just a little while back he used to dance like Jason style, before that like dada. Now even if we remind him to do it, he wont know what to do. These are just phases, which come and go.

    Needless to add I loved reading it, and missed him even more.
    Give him lots of kishshis and huggies from me.