Friday, December 5, 2014

Sticking to it

I have to admit, I had a moment of concern when I took Puchku to his first soccer class and saw how much more kids his age communicate verbally as compared to my son. Kids a whole year younger than him are speaking in full sentences, and my kid is still only sticking to nouns, and the occasional incorrectly conjugated verb. But then I have to remind myself -- he's hearing 4 languages, it's ok, he will catch up. Because I know he will. I've seen it first hand when my sister Vaishali was a baby. She didn't speak a word of English when she went to preschool at the age of 3. And within a couple of months, she was just fine. So I know this, but I had that pang of anxiety, self-doubt and questioning and the sad realization that I was comparing my kid to other kids - oh God, how I've never wanted to do that. But it's hard not to.

So I continue to speak to him in Hindi/Bangla in class. I've been told you're supposed to stick to speaking only 1 language with the kid - I'm probably at 70% Hindi, 20% Bengali and 10% English. I thought until now that he didn't know the difference between Hindi and Bangla, but had a surprising moment when yesterday I was trying to get him to respond to someone asking him 'Tumi kemon aacho?" I told Puchku, 'Bolo, ami bhalo aachi!" to which he responds. "No -- Thammi India airplane -- whoosh!!" To translate that for you -- it meant 'No, Thammi has left for India now, I don't have to speak in Bangla.' Oh my gosh, I'm one of those moms who understands everything her kid is saying! Yay for me!!

Oh, that's another interesting thing I've noticed - that understanding what your kid is so much more about knowing the psychology behind his thinking than understanding the actual pronunciation of the words. So between me and King, we both have some insight on what he's thinking in different areas of expertise (King's far more attuned w/what toys and youtube videos he likes -- me, everything else).

Anyway, it's a great, great phase. I can't believe he's almost three. I kept calling him 2.5 till I realized he'll be three next month! And we've been potty trained for nearly 2 months! This week we even seem to be nailing poo-poo potty training, yay!

I wonder if we'll ever get to the stage where he sleeps through the night ...

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