Thursday, June 19, 2014

You dill it!

He says so many cute things these days- I wish I could have a recorder on for every moment! He mimics a lot, like the Elmo app that says "you did it!" To which he proudly yells "you dill it!" 

He sings "Jumma chumma de de" with such gusto! And of course BINGO and ABC's and twinkle twinkle. The pronunciation is all messed up but so cute. I need to catch it on recording one of these days. 

He's also reciting tatkar ki bandish's from tarana - attempts the ginti part. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Croups virus

Poor baby has a virus that makes his breathing hard at night. We went to the drs and got him on a steroidal medicine that should help. I changed the bed sheets bc he had peed on them the other night and as we went to bed, he had some duddoo and subsequently threw up all over the new sheets. Poor baby was crying/whimpering as we changed his clothes n he waited for the bed sheets to be changed again. In effort to keep him upright and help w the breathing I put him to sleep in my godi. 
Last night was hard - I hope tonight is better. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

First movie in a theater

Today Puchku watched his first movie in a theater - UPAJ: Improvise. :) and he loved it, as one would expect. 

He's a huge fan of Guruji's, who he calls "Nanaji" and lately has become a fan of Jason's too. So he was really excited to see them on the big screen. He was shouting excitedly in the dance sequences and I was surprised at his sense of humor - how he would catch funny moments and laugh loudly. And he would try to copy all of Guru ji's gesticulations as he spoke. 

He let me do my Q&A w/the audience w/o troubling me. But when it was time to leave he kept crying "more Jason." For a really long time. To the point where I decided to call Jason to tell him this amusing story. Alas, Jason didn't answer but it was pretty funny. 

It took driving him to meet Baba for him to stop saying "more Jason" repeatedly. I was worries that now we'd have to put UPAJ on repeat at home - I don't think I can watch that movie anymore. I've already seen it 500 times - no exaggeration. 

Anyway, it was cute to see him enjoying the movie.