Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Milestones a minute

It's a shame I've completely stopped writing in this blog, because the rate with which Puchku is growing and developing is incredible to witness. In the last two weeks alone, I feel like he's gotten so much faster at picking things up.

He's a mimicking machine. Any words he hears, he mimicks. His babble is entirely English, despite my efforts to speak to him only in Hindi (with occasional broken Bangla). I'm trying to keep Hindi stuff on in the background on the TV so at least he hears a little more Hindi.

Monday's have become the regular Nana-Nani day. He spends the whole day with them, mainly gardening in their backyard with Nani jiji, eating and tasting all the fresh fruit and veggies while 'working.' I can't think of a better way for him to bond with his grandparents, and nature. It's like his grandparents live in the 'country,' and he lives in the 'city.' Just like Curious George -- which I'm totally addicted to. We always turn on the show for Puch, and end up watching the whole episode ourselves while he's moved on to other things.

Eating fresh carrots from Nani jiji's backyard

Anyway, I've been wanting to catalogue all the words that he says, but it's increasing so rapidly, I don't think I can get them all. I'm going to divide them up by language, and the category of names. He's currently juggling 4 languages in his brain, mumma sho proud!

Motu (Maushi)
Tutu (Kutu)
Nani jiji
Nana ji
Dadu (Raju, what my mom calls my dad)
Anka/Anta (Antara)
Demi (Delmi)
Aiya (Anya, his steady gf)
Nee (Shivaranjani)

Aipaa (iPad)
phun (phone)
O-dun (all done)
No mo
Mo (with sign language)
Shocksh (socks)
oh no
cheese (with sign language)
Poo poo

Gigyaa (gir gaya)
Dhin-ta (refers to tabla)
Ee-taaalo! (isko utaro)
Shoo nee! (chhoona nahin)
Maaka (asking for juju ke, mau ke)
Baddu (badboo)


Patos (zapatos)
Mucu (boogers)
Mana (manana)
No mas
Prolly a whole lot more Spanish that I don't even know about.

There are probably more that will come to me, I'll keep adding. But they're increasing so rapidly. I still suck at trying to figure out what he's saying. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rolled down

Today Puchku rolled down three steps in Mummy's house- ironically as we had just finished installing the railing on the other set of stairs. Poor guy, I saw it happen in slow motion as he leaned back sitting on one of the steps, and just rolled down. He was crying, of course, but was fine shortly after.
He now waves good bye when people leave, and he lets Nanaji know when he wants to do music with him by walking up to the stairs and singing loudly, calling out for Nanaji to take him upstairs so they can do 'riyaaz' (leeyaajh) together.
He claps in the song 'if you're happy and you know it clap your hands.' He hasn't gotten the exact timing of when to clap correct, but the claps he does are absolutely correct in taal - Mumma sho ploud (proud).
So many new things everyday, as he's getting close to 1 year old!