Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Milk obsession

My latest obsession is my milk supply and pumping. I find the whole breast pumping process so fascinating. I mean, it's weird as hell, being hooked up to this machine. But when you see the milk squirting out, it's nothing short of astounding. I'm so proud of each and every bottle. Ive started freezing the milk to create a back log as well. The first few days my supply was increasing quite a bit, but now it's become less than the maximum it reached so I'm getting a little paranoid. Going to start paying more attention to my diet and eat fenugreek everyday!
But seriously, I'm obsessed w pumping. I naturally wake up in the middle of the night - either bc I'm not used to sleeping more than 2.5 hr stretches, or I'm uncomfortable from engorgement, or both ... But I pump in the middle of the night and when I've labeled n stored everything away, I eagerly await the next time I can pump again! I'm sure it'll get old soon, ESP when I have to do this at work - which I'm not looking forward to. But until then, it's incredibly fascinating and satisfying. Lol, how life has changed

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