Sunday, February 5, 2012

One week birthday

We 'celebrated' Puchku's 1st week birthday today at 1:25 pm. And we gave him his first sponge bath. His umbilical cord came off a couple of days ago, so technically we could've given him a real bath but we decided to ease into the process-- I think more for us than for him. He was really good and didnt even cry. Same with him at te doctor's - hardly cried.
King and I went to the newly discovered Carter's store in Mountain View (courtesy Vaishali who went to one in Seattle which prompted us to find our local store) -- where King and I had 20 mins to shop and basically bought their entire newborn layette collection at 40% off. He doesn't fit in any of the 0-3 months stuff and only had a couple of newborn sized outfits. I overheard the lady at the store say to her co-worker 'I've never seen a father so interested and involved in shopping before. Usually they're asking when they can leave.' lol, no surprise there. My hubby loves shopping more than me. He even said before we walked in that I'm not allowed to stop him from buying stuff at the store. So we over shopped in our 20 minute window. Felt great to get out. Can't wait to have all these new outfits to put on him! The sales lady asked us if we were first time parents. We responded, 'that obvious huh?'

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