Saturday, February 4, 2012

Knocking on wood

I remember whenever I would compliment little babies to their parents -- whether it was abt their well behaved nature or how soundly they slept -- they would always respond by knocking or touching wood. And I never understood why they were all so superstitious - bc some of these people were not even superstitious by nature as far as I was concerned.
Now, I find myself saying the same knock on wood at every juncture. I think it's because we know that the alternative to being in a good place is so terrifyingly difficult, and it could change at the drop of a hat bc it's totally out of your control, that u can't help but beckon the wood gods.
We've def gotten into a better rhythm n groove with baby. The other night king and I even watched an episode of top chef in the evening and it felt a bit like our normal life again. Hopefully the worst of it has passed -- knock on wood.

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