Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who knew?

Who knew your child could make you a morning person?? I've never enjoyed the 6am hour as much as these days when he is wide awake and wants to play.

Let baby sleep

Dr said not to wake up baby at night n let him sleep until he wakes up. Trouble is, now after being on a 1.5 hr sleep schedule for 1 month, and tonight after having slept 3-4 hours straight, I'm wide awake. I'm grateful that he's able to go this long without a feed, bc if (touch wood) every night is like this, my life will be 'normal' again. I just have to get used to not being sleep deprived!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One month!

Today is Puchku's one month birthday, and I think I got the best (and most) sleep last night! I am keeping my fingers crossed that his sleep pattern only continues to get better with time. I felt like a normal human being this morning when I woke up... Though I'm still planning on taking a nap after this feed.
Drs appt went well too. Not too much crying when he got his Hep vaccine. He even gave the nurses a smile when they came in at first. He's now 7lbs 2.5 oz! The size of a gora newborn!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Yesterday was the first day I pumped -- was so proud of myself :) was surprisingly easier to do than I thought. Puchku drank the 1oz (that took 15 mins to pump) in less than 5 minutes! I need to pump more I guess. Will go to the Health & Wellness center today to get more tips from them on how often to pump etc. I hope its not the same stupid lactation nurse that I had at the hospital, whose advice has been consistently the opposite of that of my doctors. Plus she has this holier than thou attitude. I got carpel tunnels from. Compressing too much thx to her brilliant advice.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puchku & Baba

A cute hanging out moment between Puchku and his Baba -- taken on February 10, 2012. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


He's definitely started smiling now, n not just passing gas. He's also awake for more hours of the day.

Today I took him out for a walk in his stroller bc it was a beautiful 70 degree day outside. It was rather pointless tho bc he fell asleep before we even got outside so he couldn't enjoy the change of scenery. Anyway, it was nice for me to get out for a bit.
In the Atherton front yard
Kathak thaat pose? :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Growth spurt

Baby is going through a growth spurt, so instead of 2 to 3 hour feeds, it has become one to two hours. Which really means, by the time I finished feeding, burping, changing diapers, it is about a half an hour to 45 minutes between feeds. At night I pushed it to 2.5 hours between feeds - it was exhausting. I don't mind it in the daytime, because I have nothing better to do than to feed him.
Anyway, I hope he starts getting fat soon. His cheeks have lost a little bit of fact which made me sad :( I think it's because even though he's put on weight, he's also grown 2 inches so that's why he's looking skinnier.
Just realized it's Valentine's Day today. The way I'd love to ideally spend this valentines day is having five consecutive hours of sleep!
Puchku, rooting again!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nailed my pants

Today, while diaper changing, king held the pee-pee teepee on Puchku, yet he still managed to pee around it. And for the first time, his pee went in a large arc-like trajectory. He nailed everything in its path, including my pants leg.
Somehow he only nails me - never Kingsuk or Nani.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3.5 hrs vs. 1.5 hrs - a world of difference

Last night I must've shut off my alarm n fallen back asleep bc king and I woke up 2 hrs after our scheduled wake up time. Puchku was sound asleep (touching wood as I type) but poor thing must've been starving bc it had been 5 hrs since his last feed -- and he started nursing right away - no having to do the half a dozen things we usually do to wake him up.
I was amazed at my own energy level. I havent had more than 2 hrs of sleep at a stretch since the night before Puchku was born over two weeks ago. And after 3.5 hrs I felt like I could start a full on regular day.
I'm looking forward to the 1 month mark when we can finally (hopefully) let him sleep more hrs at a stretch.

2 week weight

Today we're taking Puchku to the health and wellness center to weigh him - since our next pediatric appt isn't until the 1 month mark, and I wanna make sure he's increasing in weight steadily until then.
Yesterday was the first day that King went to work. It wasnt bad for me, since I have Mom and Dad, but I did feel sad that he's not there with us throughout the day, since I've gotten used to him being there 24/7 since Puchku was born.
Just came back from the health and wellness center, and Puchku is almost back to his birth weight at 5 lbs 13 oz, which is right on schedule, as he's supposed to be back to is birth weight by the 2 week mark, which is tomorrow for us. He's also grown another half an inch since last week - so in total he's put on 5 oz and grown 2 inches in his first two weeks of life. Lol, imagine how cool it would be if we could grow 2" in two weeks!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pee pee teepee

I'm supposed to use this peepee teepee to prevent pee accidents from happening, since boys tend to pretty much always pee during diaper changes. But I really can't be bothered bc his pee is so little in quantity n I just will wash whatever he gets wet. Maybe when he's a bit older I'll care more.
Anyway today while changing he peed, as usual, n nailed my iPhone. Hehehe. So cute :) yeah I'm an over doting mom, guilty as charged ;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just in time

As if to justify our over purchase of clothing, Puchku managed to soil 3 pairs of clothes n now is currently on his 4th outfit of the day -- yay for us! We get to use all the clothes!!

Fun free diet

Baby got gas again last night. I read up on what things cause gas. Aside from the obvious beans, the second thing written was starchy foods, like potatoes and pasta: that's exactly what I had for lunch: potatoes and pasta. I'm so tired of eating dal and rice but I guess that's what I'm going to have to eat for the next few weeks at least, if not months. (sigh!)

One week birthday

We 'celebrated' Puchku's 1st week birthday today at 1:25 pm. And we gave him his first sponge bath. His umbilical cord came off a couple of days ago, so technically we could've given him a real bath but we decided to ease into the process-- I think more for us than for him. He was really good and didnt even cry. Same with him at te doctor's - hardly cried.
King and I went to the newly discovered Carter's store in Mountain View (courtesy Vaishali who went to one in Seattle which prompted us to find our local store) -- where King and I had 20 mins to shop and basically bought their entire newborn layette collection at 40% off. He doesn't fit in any of the 0-3 months stuff and only had a couple of newborn sized outfits. I overheard the lady at the store say to her co-worker 'I've never seen a father so interested and involved in shopping before. Usually they're asking when they can leave.' lol, no surprise there. My hubby loves shopping more than me. He even said before we walked in that I'm not allowed to stop him from buying stuff at the store. So we over shopped in our 20 minute window. Felt great to get out. Can't wait to have all these new outfits to put on him! The sales lady asked us if we were first time parents. We responded, 'that obvious huh?'

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Knocking on wood

I remember whenever I would compliment little babies to their parents -- whether it was abt their well behaved nature or how soundly they slept -- they would always respond by knocking or touching wood. And I never understood why they were all so superstitious - bc some of these people were not even superstitious by nature as far as I was concerned.
Now, I find myself saying the same knock on wood at every juncture. I think it's because we know that the alternative to being in a good place is so terrifyingly difficult, and it could change at the drop of a hat bc it's totally out of your control, that u can't help but beckon the wood gods.
We've def gotten into a better rhythm n groove with baby. The other night king and I even watched an episode of top chef in the evening and it felt a bit like our normal life again. Hopefully the worst of it has passed -- knock on wood.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st

Last night poor baby was so disturbed, we just couldn't figure it out. Long story short (and yes, it was a loong night) he was having gas. My milk had just come in yesterday and I guess we weren't properly burping him n he just had really bad gas. He was fussy all night. The 1am feeding finally happened after 4am after several phone calls to the on call pediatric nurse. All this time I was physically in such bad shape -- my stitches were sore, my breasts were so engorged it was paining constantly, and the more he was crying the more engorged they became. And this is not even taking into acct the emotional stress. Poor baby's throat had gone hoarse from crying so much so his cries sounded so sad and pathetic.
(sigh!) it was rough. But he finally fed after a big poo and we managed to get a couple of hours of sleep (2.5 hrs straight!) an then eventually ha another feeding in the morning. I was soooo exhausted and broken in the morning. I felt like I'm falling apart.
Anyway it's the next day ... Or more like a continuation of the same night. This is why ur learning curve is so steep-- it hasn't been 4 days with him but 96 hours, nonstop. Now if only I could find my damn video camera!!!