Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shaad Lunch

This weekend, Madhu Mitra aunty was kind enough to throw a special traditional Bengali baby-shower ritual for me -- the Shaad lunch. Because she knew that Ma is not here, she wanted to represent as Kingsuk's Kaki, and have this lunch take place before our Baby Shower on the 17th. It was really sweet, and incredibly special. I managed to get myself into a sari which was a pretty big accomplishment, no pun intended.
Aunty and Uncle had prepared aHUGE traditional Bengali meal -- there were seriously 12 vegetarian dishes, and they even made separate fish AND meat for Kingsuk! It was really special and touching. And we had such a great time catching up with Aunty and Uncle in a one-on-one setting. Man, thinking abt the food is making my mouth water!

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