Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter's here!

I'm actually enjoying this change in weather ... if you dress warmly it's actually quite enjoyable to be walking around in the cold weather. Yesterday me, King and Kutu went to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and bought so much stuff. It's so close to our house (we just took Muni there, even though it's a mile away and theoretically we could've walked it, but that would be too much for me) -- and it's actually not that expensive produce-wise compared to the groceries we do at our overpriced Safeway. I know I said this 2 years ago when we last went to the Farmer's Market, but we really need to take advantage of this and go more often! 

This morning we made grilled piquillo peppers, kale chips, and are eating the most amazing avocado with salt, just plain -- awesome food. This is the first Sunday that I have been home in over a year, as I just started my teaching maternity leave -- no more teaching until April 2012! It really was becoming too exhausting to teach these last few weeks, so I think I stopped in a decent time ... besides, I'm in my 7th month, so that's respectable I think. I'm still doing my work as Productions & Touring Manager, and my maternity leave for that won't start until January -- I have tons I need to wrap up before that, as we have a HUGE tour (13 cities!) and a home production coming up in the Spring ... I miss dancing :-( 

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