Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maternity Jeans

My maternity jeans arrived today! They're soooo comfortable, now I wanna go out all the time bc I feel like I have stuff to wear :)

Pregnancy's coming along fine. Passed the diabetes test (thank God, otherwise I'd have to become non-vegetarian), but have a slight iron deficiency so will need to start taking supplements. Usual feeling of faint continues. It's supposed to subside this trimester but no luck so far.

Yesterday was one of Puchku's most active days yet. He was kicking non-stop, really hard for like an hour. Mom got to feel a buncha kicks and finally so did Daddy. Today he was also pretty active throughout. It's so cute, I love it :)

I'm getting more and more excited abt baby's arrival. We've signed up for our birthing classes, lactation classes, and just need to sign up for the baby care class. We've ordered the baby shower invitations, and are slowly filling up the registry. Mom came back from London with a suitcase full of baby clothes for Puchku and that's when King and I realized we had no space for all of baby's clothes, and should probably buy a dresser. So we're in the process of finalizing the crib and dresser now... This is gonna take forever.

Ok, enough boring mundane detail for the time being.

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