Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gender Scan

This morning we had our 20 week gender scan ultrasound. Both King and I were super-excited – we had decided to keep it a surprise from everyone, including Vaishali, so we could do the ‘Baby Gender Cake’ at the cousin reunion this weekend – which starts tomorrow. But him and I were going to find out the sex and just keep it in for 1 day.

Our ultrasound tech lady is really nice, and I asked her if we could try to guess looking at the parts to identify when we got to it, and she said she would. She had to take a lot of measurements – heart, kidneys, arms, legs, brain, lips, nose, etc. etc. This ultrasound was so different from the 12 week one, where it was clearly obvious that what you were seeing was a baby – this time around we saw specific areas. Frankly, all I saw were a bunch of blurs and told the tech that I’ll take her word for it when she tells me that ‘these are the lips….’ But amidst all this blur, the tech identified the sex of the baby, but said she’d wait to get a better angle of it to make sure.

At first baby was sound asleep (I barely got any sleep last night; I’ve been having a hard time sleeping the last few nights, too much anxiety/heart racing … it’s really frustrating). But once he woke up, he was non-stop. I can’t believe how much he’s kicking around all this time, bc I hardly feel the majority of the kicks! I saw him do some seriously HARD kicking, and I still couldn’t feel it! It’s going to be crazy once he’s big enough for me to feel all the kicks.

So then we got to the gender part … she showed us the butt, and the thighs, and then me and King saw it… there was no doubt about it‘It’s a boy!’ we both said. I was soooo excited … I mean, I know I would be excited either way … but I’ve been saying that it’s a boy since the beginning, and aside from that one dream I had that it was a girl, my guess had always been for a boy :-) I got emotional too, and shed a few tears of happiness … I’m so excited at the thought of a Baby Kingsuk!

The rest of the drive home I was just on cloud nine. I can’t imagine people who don’t want to find out the sex of the baby, because it’s just such a great feeling having this time to imagine the baby, and getting one step closer for it to be real – to go from just ‘baby’ to ‘baby boy’ !!

I went to Whole Foods to get my ‘Baby Gender Cake’ made. Part of the reason I decided that King and I should find out the sex of the baby ahead of time is that I’ve been having a hard time finding a place that will make such a cake for me. Draegers’ told me it would take a week (just to put food coloring in a cake mix, they must be on crack), and this one Whole Foods was the one place that I found where they would make it in 24 hrs and seemed to understand what I was going for.

Not so when I got there. The lady basically told me it was not possible, even though I had clearly spoken to someone the day before who said it was possible. I compromised with them in the end, that if they couldn’t make the cake part blue, then they would at least make the buttercream in the middle layer blue. The lady was nice, and understood my concept, and she said she would tell the baker personally tomorrow morning what to do, so hopefully they won’t mess it up. I couldn’t imagine explaining this whole cake to her, without telling her what color to make it, and expecting her to keep the thing a secret, etc. It would have just been too complicated.

Anyway, both Kingsuk and I are really excited about Baby Boy Brahma. I can’t believe I’m having a son … that’s really crazy when you put it in those terms!


  1. So emotional! I loved reading it, and though I knew almost the whole story, it was enjoyable reading it.
    Somehow even before you were pregnant, whenever I thought about you having a baby I imagined a baby boy with the kind of look we saw on Kingsuk's childhood pictures. So cute!!!!!!!
    I am really looking forward to welcome this naughty baby in our family.
    Enjoy kicking :-)

  2. I have mine in a couple of week, it going to make amazing im so excited. We have booked a couple of private ultrasound scan for next week to get a gender scan on a new scanner there really clear.

    Hope everything is going well


  3. thanks Momma ... yes, he will be a naughty baby, I think that goes without saying!