Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back Home

Ughhh ... I don't wanna be back to reality!! At least Kutu was here so it's been a little more exciting. I just spent 3 hours getting my email box down from 200+ messages to 32 that I need to work on this week. And I'm already feeling stressed out.

I hadn't scheduled my 16 week appt with the doctor, but she took me in yesterday at the last minute. Brahma didn't go with me, which is a shame bc she let us look at the baby through her crappy ultrasound machine (Vaish was with me, so I wanted her to see the baby) and she would have been able to tell us the sex, but I told her to hold off, since Brahma wasn't there with us. Oh well! Will just have to wait it out another couple of weeks I guess.

Baby's totally grown in size -- he's 5.5-6 inches big. My tummy has really grown too ... apparently my uterus is the size of a canteloupe right now ... I definitely feel super-pregnant. You're supposed to gain 25-35 lbs in the duration of the pregnancy -- I've gained 12 so far ... hopefully that means I'm on track??

Anyway, back to the reality of the real world .. I've been out of town for the entire month ... this is going to be rough ....


  1. Yay you have a blog!! But it is so hard to wait to find out the sex of the baby!! One of our friends had their doctor write down the sex on a paper and they put it in an envelope so they could open it together as their Christmas present. As soon as I found out what Razz was going to be I went and bought my first baby outfit and then started planning the nursery out :)

  2. omg, they were able to do that?? I want to do a similar thing ... I want the ultrasound artist to write it on a sealed envelope for me ... and then take it to a bakery, where they bake me a white frosting cake, and when I cut the cake open, I see if it's blue cake, it's a boy ... if it's pink, then it's a girl! But I'm gonna have to research bakeries that will do this for me on a short notice, I can't wait too long for the cake!!!