Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12 week ultrasound

This week was the 12 week ultrasound. Priti had come and spent the night before at our place, and we did our first trip to a maternity store and bought some essentials -- like the button extenders for jeans & pants (what a genius idea). Anyway, I was so distracted with Priti, that I forgot that I was supposed to drink a whole lot of water an hour before the appointment. I was really hoping that I hadn't messed up our ultrasound, bc I really wanted to get these measurements taken, so we could get the test results and finally tell everyone that I'm pregnant! 

Luckily, the lady still had a good view of the baby despite my deflated bladder. It was sooooo exciting to see the baby! I mean, it's just hanging out there, in my tummy ... and I don't even know it. I couldn't believe that it had a proper head, arms, legs, and you could even see the profile of the nose and mouth and chin ... and the most surprising part is that it's only 2 inches big -- the size of my thumb! Overenthusiastic first-time dad took 20 minutes of video footage of mainly white noise, of which sometimes you can make out the baby's shape. Anyway, I'll try to edit the video down to the 'exciting' parts and post that next.

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