Saturday, June 25, 2011

9 weeks Completed.

It's been exciting telling a few people -- Guru ji, Celine didi, Rachna and Rina. Udayan sensed that something was up, and kept prying, asking Kutu what's wrong with Antara ... asking Brahma the same ... so that Brahma had to tell him. I'm so ready to tell everyone else, but we're just waiting for the tests to come out ok -- which will be around 12-13 weeks, after our NYC trip.

Have been battling vitamin induced nausea -- which I figured out today is because of the plant based DHA supplement that I've been taking. My Bengali fish-eating baby wants me to take the fish oil DHA supplements -- he's got no problem with those! I just threw up my dinner, and prenatal along with it.

Today's also the first day of summer camp and it kicked my ass. Teaching 4.5-6 year olds for 7 hrs a day is so hard ... keeping their attention span for that long is totally kicking my ass.

It's 10pm and I'm in bed. The baby hasn't even arrived and look how much it's changed my life. I haven't danced in so long. I haven't felt normal in so long. I just feel fat, bloated, and exhausted all the time. The second trimester is supposed to be awesome, but I have a hard time imagining how all this is suddenly supposed to change practically overnight. Then again, it came about practically overnight as well.

Still, it's all very exciting. Yesterday I was at Mona's baby shower and I was so excited at the thought of being at that phase myself. And then having a friend whose baby will play with own -- how crazy is that! Sapna didi needs to have her second so Baby Brahma has a cousin his/her age. I think Risha will be kinda close to his/her age -- less than a year apart -- that's pretty good. And Ria will be 2 yrs older -- that's a crew right there! Awww, that's so cute to imagine!! So many fun times ahead, knock on wood.

Ok, off to bed if I wanna survive another day of Summer Camp.

Here's a pic of Baby Brahma at 7 weeks -- looks like a dot within a dot to me. The bright dot is the heart, and you could see it flickering as it was beating. The doctor said 'the baby's looking beautiful,' and I thought to myself, 'ok, if you say so ...'

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