Friday, February 18, 2011

Upaj Website

My website for 'Upaj' just went live today!! Have been working on this for nearly a month now with a company based in Pune, called the Website Gurus. You know it was the name of the company that sold it for me ;-)

Anyway, that's another first for me with this film ... not only have I never:
  1. worked on a documentary
  2. produced something ground up
... but now I've also created my first website :-)

Next week, we'll have a new trailer up on the website, that'll be the next step! 


  1. Shouldn't you link the Upaj website on the blog post too?

  2. nvm ... looks like you did already.

  3. yeah, I actually went back and did it again, bc I'd already linked it on the title of the post, but that's a little harder to find, so I added it in the post itself. What do you think of the site??