Thursday, February 3, 2011

Upaj Poster!

After working on this for weeks with the graphic designer, director, photographer, and two attempts at the photo shoot, we finally have a poster for the film!!!
It first started with various sketches of the design we wanted to go with. And then my graphic designer 'painted' a version of what that poster would look like. Then we shot the different elements -- in this case, Guru ji's foot with ghungroo, and 'Jason's foot with a tap shoe. I say Jason in quotes because Jason lives in NYC, so we had Rachna stand in wearing a tap shoe. That also had its own set of issues, bc Jason is contracted with Bloch, and can only wear Bloch shoes, so we had to make sure we got the right brand of shoes for the photo shoot.
I seriously underestimated the amount of effort it would take to create a poster, and grossly overestimated what can be accomplished with Photoshop.
Now we can move forward with the marketing (posters, mailing postcards, electronic publicity) as well as work on the website for the film.


  1. They're both showing their right foot! Was that done on purpose? :)

  2. Good observation ... yes, it was intentional, or more rather circumstantial. Originally the designer wanted Guru ji's left foot, but the left side of the foot (when on its toe) doesn't look as visually dramatic as seeing the right foot, where you can really see the arch of the foot, and the ball of the foot where it is raised. We shot both, and thought this looked better.