Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Nearly) a whole year later

And I'm back!! For how long ... that is still up for determination. Maybe because I saw Ferah & Vaishali's blog abt training for their half-marathon's do I feel an impetus to write -- I'm always driven by competition, aren't I?

Anyway, life has been interesting and busy -- roller coasters of ups & downs. We're in post-production for my documentary 'Upaj,' and racing against the clock for a deadline of March 18th for a screening that will be at the opening night of SFIAFF's San Jose portion of the festival -- with a Q&A by the artists themselves, and a Gala at the San Jose Museum of Art afterwards. Definitely an exciting event -- my first premiere of my own film!! But I haven't had time to think about that yet, since we're just working around the clock to make this film happen. Or more like, Hoku is working around the clock, and I'm facilitating as best as I can, between SF and LA.

So, maybe this would be an interesting period of time to write about. Coming back to this time months later may bring back memories that I will have long forgotten later on.

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