Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just saw the movie 'Band Baaja Barat.' I had heard from Jagmohan ji that it was really good, and then my Mom & Dad said it was decent ... so I went into it with lukewarm expectations. I was sitting alone for the two hour film, and found myself laughing out loud randomly at places in the film -- something that doesn't happen very often for me. And, of course, I was getting senti at the love-story aspect of it.

The hero from the movie (I still don't even know what his name is, and part of me doesn't want to look him up and attach a different personality and other roles to him) was this sleazy, low class guy from some Harayana village, who obviously has a lot of money, and is "studying" in Delhi college, but is really just squandering away his father's wealth, being a complete wastrel. Luckily the film doesn't dwell too much on that -- one scene is enough to understand this type of guy. But he's sooo low-class in his mannerisms, behavior ... it's hilarious how authentically he played it -- we've all met people like that in our lives. I was watching the opening with Sid Bhaiya and said, 'Oh my God, if this is the hero of the movie and if she is going to fall in love with him .... !! That will be some miracle writing for me to start liking this guy." Low and behold, less than 10 minutes later, I found myself totally rooting for this character, looking forward to how the romance was going to pan out for the next 90 minutes.

Despite the film starting to drag a bit towards the end of the second half, I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing to see a modern Indian story, with the typical Bollywood masala added to it ... but all the 'dhing-chak' (a reference to the film) added to the story and didn't take away from it.

It's great when you only watch 6 Hindi movies in a year ... you filter out all the garbage, and come out feeling a sense of optimism for the future of Bollywood.

P.S. And I also really liked the song 'Dil to aivayin lut gaya' 


  1. I really want to see that movie actually. We were thinking of watching it this weekend but just got too busy. Is it on DVD yet or do I have to get it pirated?

  2. i am obsessed with that song. It is totally my happy song... always puts me in a good mood! plus it's my next choreo adventure! have some really cute stuff already thought up! I need somewhere to do it, and people to be in it..volunteering?? ;o)

  3. It was a 3.25 star movie. Sat through it with no problem. Nothing special happened. It is new generation masala movie - first half taken from the 'Rocket singh' and 'Badmaash Co', second half taken from all 'new love story' movies - which losely started with 'Jaane tu...' where there is no villian but the 'brain' of girl and boy who cant understand who they love. Totally see .. why teens and people in 20s would luv it. The film was fresh and had good actors with fresh presentation. The Delhi culture and way of talking was great.

  4. @Kutu -- it's been released on DVD. Didi gets her movies from desicompany.com and they only send non-pirated stuff.
    @Smita -- yeah, I like that song and the 1st one from the movie as well, the re-mix of the traditional Punjabi lok geet, I'm forgetting the words.
    @Viko bhai -- Shilpa didi also recommended 'Jhootha hi Sahi,' what did u think of that?

  5. Also ... your new font and background is out of control.

  6. It's totally 'dhing-chak!' Yeah ... I'm trying to find something I like, and somehow I always end up with Pink stuff ... it's a trial basis .. I'll probably change it when I get sick of it. I like the font though, that I might keep.