Monday, April 13, 2009

The Magic Pill

We just celebrated King's 30th birthday this weekend. I had planned a semi-surprise birthday party for him ... 'semi' in the sense that he thought we were all going out to dinner for his birthday. In actuality, I had rented a sailboat for the afternoon, and a bunch of our friends and family from out-of-town were also coming to party it up for the big three-oh. 

Unfortunately for me, when the pre-partying began the night before (Friday), I hadn't eaten all day -- because I'm stupid and sometimes forget or get too lazy to eat -- and three drinks later got so drunk that I don't remember the rest of the night. I do remember getting sick, and unfortunately still felt deathly ill the next morning as well -- only two hours prior to the boat party. 

Apparently, the night before, Samir accidentally let it slip that we're going on a boat the next day. I was just happy the surprise lasted as long as it did. Besides, with surprises, it's just a matter of timing ... he was still surprised when he found out the night before!

An hour before the boat party, I will still feeling really sick -- lying comatose on the couch, unable to ingest any sort of solids or liquids. The boat party seemed impossible -- I contemplated if it would be so bad if I wasn't at my husband's birthday party? I mean, there would be 24 more people on the boat -- after a half hour, people would probably even forget that I wasn't there. 

But then Shashank busted out his prescription pad, and wrote Kutu a prescription for the MAGIC PILL. $9 a pop, but worth every penny. I painstakingly took a bite of the burrito they had picked up for me, and took the anti-nausea medicine with some Coke. Samir, who had been lying in the same condition in the room next to me, had taken the pill ten minutes earlier, and was now chowing down on his burrito and making plans for the rest of the day. They were all claiming the pill was magic, but I far from believed it. 

Ten minutes went by. I still felt like death. Another ten minutes went by, and I got sick again. And then, like magic, it was all gone. I was back to my normal self, but with a slight headache. I got up off the couch and announced, 'I should make that spinach & artichoke dip now.' I began preparing for the party as if nothing was ever wrong with me ... it was totally unbelievable. I even caught myself dancing a bit as I walked into my closet to choose my outfit for the day!

So, for those of you who have ever had a horrible, dreadful, 'wish I were dead instead' hangover -- this MAGIC PILL (Zofran) is the way to go! I have never appreciated medical science the way I did that morning ... maybe the only other close second was when I had pink eye.    

Oh, and no more partying/socializing/entertaining for us anymore. If you see that the Brahma's have temporarily disappeared into oblivion, you know the reason why. 

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