Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is just a random one-line story, slightly expanded. 

Me and Kingsuk hung out in L.A. on our way to and from Jamaica. My niece, Simran, who is nearly 3 years old, was really excited to see me, 'Mausi.' Shilpa didi tells me that to Simran, 'Mausi' only means Antara Mausi, which of course, I love. She had been excited the whole day to know that I was coming. When they were driving to the airport to pick us up, she would see a plane in the sky and say 'Mausi!'

She greeted me with a such a warm welcome -- you could tell she was visibly excited. Back at the house, she was in top form -- the center of attention of so many adults -- Mummy, Nana, Nani, Mamu, Samir Mamu, Mausi, and Mesho. Me and didi decided that rather than referring to King as 'Mausa ji,' which is what we all call our Mausis' husbands ... we would opt for the Bengali word for it instead -- Mesho. She ran around the room asking who wanted chai, mimicking her mother's question. She saw that Nana didn't have any chai, and remembered, that Nana doesn't drink chai, and asked him 'Nana, you want juice?' and ran into the kitchen to get him some juice. 

So a little later, you see Simran has climbed on the couch, and is chilling next to King, and watching TV together. She turns to him, puts her hand sweetly on his leg and says 'Nesho, do you want candy?' 

I couldn't stop laughing when I heard her say 'Nesho.' The whole rest of the weekend, she was as excited to see 'Nesho,' as she had been to see me. We would pull up into the house, and she would see us from afar and yell 'Hi Nesho!'  

Anyway, I thought it was hilariously cute. 


  1. How cute! Thanks for putting this up. I had completely forgotten her reaction to you guys, and your vivid writing has really embarked my memory. This is why they say, a mother should write cuz its these cute little every day things that one tends to forget as they get older. This will go down in her memoirs.

    Speaking of Nesho, the other day, when we called Dippi to wish her Happy Birthday, she thought she was talking to you and then asked, where's Nesho...:)

  2. Hahahaha! That's awesome how she remembers me and Nesho ... and that I'm her only Mausi as far as she's concerned ... I should enjoy that while it lasts ... pretty soon she'll grow up and understand the concept of having several Mausi's.