Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Upper Class Virgin

On our way to Dubai, I got stuck sitting the middle section next to big guy who kept usurping not only our shared armrest, but the head rest on my seat as well. I gave him a couple of hard nudges as he slept -- which I regretted later, because my GOD did he smell BAD. Though it was only a 7 hour flight, it was horrible, and I decided that me and Vaishali were going to indulge ourselves on our way back by upgrading to Upper Class.

Virgin Upper Class -- A Flying Experience. They're really not kidding when they say that. Virgin has changed the normal structure of side-by-side seats to diagonally placed seats, so everyone gets a window, and there are walls separating you from the passenger next to you. They kind of looked like open caskets, lined up next to each other.You never have to get stuck next to an overly gregarious passenger again! Personally, I didn't like the system as much because it meant I had to reach my head high enough over the wall to talk to Vaishali. It didn't really matter though because Vaishali slept the entire 8 hours without even waking up for the bathroom, forget about meals.

Virgin also offers a choice of various 'amenities' in the course of the flight. I chose the head & neck massage, and anxiously awaited it through the flight. I was paying a sh--load of money -- I wanted every penny's worth.

I was lying down about to take a nap when the stewardess told me that it was my turn for the massage. I excitedly got up and walked towards the back room where they had set up a chair, separated by a curtain. I felt a little disoriented and thought that maybe I got up too fast. As she began my massage, I took deep breaths, to make this strange feeling go away. But it didn't go away -- and I started seeing blackness in front of my eyes. I asked the stewardess if I could get some water, and I remember feeling around for the glass that they placed in my hands. And that's all I remember.

I woke up, what must have been a few seconds later, and I see a male steward kneeling in front of me, and he says 'Oh, she's all right, she just fainted.' He removes the oxygen mask from my face and hands me the glass of water. Oxygen mask!!! How embarrassing is that?! They walked me over to a bed and told me to rest.

As we were about to land, the stewardess asked me to fill out a form, as they have to report any 'health incidences' that take place on the flight. Kutu tried to peer over from her seat to see what was going on -- that was the first time I liked Virgin's coffin-style seating.

Moral of the story -- don't drink wine in high altitudes. Even if it is only 1 glass.

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