Monday, October 8, 2007

Feels like I'm married

I think this weekend was the first time (in our one month marriage) that I felt like I was married. The impetus behind it was my whole family left for England, leaving me and the hubby in the U.S. all by ourselves.

I'm making it sound more dramatic than it is, but seeing off my parents and knowing that I wasn't going on a family vacation with them is definitely a first in my life. After dropping them off, King and I went furniture shopping for the first time for our apartment. It was a lot of fun -- agreeing and disagreeing on many things. We ate out most of the weekend, or did take out, and would come home exhausted, and plop down in front of the TV and watch hours and hours of BSG (Battlestar Galactica). I know it probably sounds boring and domesticated to other people, but it was really a lot of fun.

So -- to answer the question you hear the most after you get married -- 'How's married life?' The answer is -- married life is great :-)