Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The other day I saw a large man sweating away at the treadmill at my gym, and I thought to myself "Good for you!" and I felt happy for him.

And then I suddenly realized that there are never any fat people at the gym. Is it me, or is that just ironical? It reminds me of this card game I once played -- I forget what the game was ... but I remember that there were several positions you would be in the game, and your objective was to reach and stay at the top. The top being the 'president,' and the bottom being the 'janitor.' I noticed as we were playing the game that the person who was in the janitor position would be kickin back and enjoying the game because he had nothing to lose, whereas whoever was the president would be stressing out about which cards he would get next. We all laughed when we realized how indicative of reality a simple card game could be.

So the analogy I was trying to make is that the slimmer people are greedy about hanging onto their figures, whereas some of the larger people don't have that 'greed,' and just enjoy life and take it as it comes. Personally, I think that's the better attitude to have.

On that note, I need to start going to the gym.

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