Sunday, July 1, 2007

Just another Friday

When we're working on a film, everything in your life tends to revolve around that film. Friday is not seen as a Friday, or the end of a work week (because it's not) ... but is more like June 29th, Day 34 (of 42).

So when we began filming Friday morning, I couldn't have been bothered with what was going on in the world around me. I only happened to see the news the night before and knew that a new Prime Minister and cabinet had been instated into Britain's government.

And then we heard about the car full of explosives found in front of the Tiger Tiger night club in Leicester Square -- the same club that Kutu & I had partied at a few Tuesdays ago. A few hours later we heard that Park Lane and Regent's Park had been blocked off because another car full of explosives was found. Again, an area that is a stone's throw away from our own flat, and where we had been shooting just 3 days earlier. Had this happened then, our entire shoot would have been forced to evacuate the area, and shooting would have been cancelled. Notice how I only think about shooting. Not about how if the bombs had gone off, God forbid, what a calamity that would have been. Nope -- I just think about my shooting schedule, and how I would have to recover from those losses.

We continued to shoot throughout the day, deterred only by traffic and the rain. Dozens of police sirens rang loudly in the background of our shots, but nothing major. We heard about another car full of explosives found in Shepherd's Bush -- but when I looked on the net, I could find nothing about it. I had a lot of down time on that particular day of shooting (a rarity) ... and I reflected upon how close we had come to such a horribly frightening situation. How did the police manage to find these THREE random cars?? It almost felt like it was planned -- to make the 1 day old Prime Minister look like a hero. I mean ... when the first car was discovered, don't you think these terrorists would expedite the plan for their other cars and set those off asap?

Our shooting ended 12:30am that night, and as we drove home, we saw dozens of people in front of clubs, pubs, and bars. As always, I had forgotten that it was a Friday. But it really just felt like any other Friday night in London. Everybody had gotten a little anxious around the time they heard the news, but it didn't really affect anyone that much. I couldn't help but wonder -- is this the sign of a nation becoming immuned to terror?

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