Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Change of Pace

I never write on this thing anymore. There is so much that I'm going to skip talking about -- the wrap of the film shoot, the aftermath of nightmares related to the shoot, a 3 day trip to Paris with Vaishali, Mamta didi, and Rachana, which included the realization that Paris sucks unless you're the ultra-riche. And now I'm back in San Jose -- finally!!!

It's great to be back home. Chilling with my parents is great. Seeing my fiance, of course, is great. But the best is that I have nothing to worry about except the wedding. Which, frankly, isn't that worrisome, yet anyway, bc Vaishali has taken over most of the logistical coordination stuff -- I'm just giving my opinion on how things should be done. It's like she's the producer of the production, I'm the director (and the star!!) ... I guess that makes Dad the executive producer ... lol.

Vaishali and I have started a crazy, self-imposed bridal bootcamp. It's only Day 2 but I feel like I should have lost 2 lbs already because I feel that tired and hungry all the time!! Hopefully the results, 4 weeks from now, will be worth it, bc I miss pigging out on fries and triple chocolate muffins.

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  1. Ha - I haven't even started the boot camp yet! I need some motivation man! :-)