Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Desperate on a Dry Day

After a red eye flight, I landed into Bombay at 10am, and went from one place to the next. I was in Bombay to sort out cast and crew visas ... contrary to the what the travel agency had presented to me, it wasn't as simple as it seemed. And I was set on leaving for Chennai the next morning because I needed to be there for the final mix of my film 'Telling Lies.'
After all the work, my dad and I went out to dinner (I made him join me in Bombay bc I was feeling lonely). We reached this restaurant, desperate for a glass of wine, only to find out it was a DRY day in Bombay. My dad almost threw a tantrum. I sucked it up and made the most of the evening.
I called up Udayan afterwards, bc I knew he was in Bombay too. We made plans to meet up at my hotel (Holiday Inn) after dinner. When he arrived, he informed me that the hotel bar had a sign that said 'Alcohol to be served to foreign passport holders only.' Lucky for us, Udayan carried a photocopy of his passport in his wallet ... lol. So I grabbed my passport, and we went to the bar at the hotel next door (Sun 'N Sand).
And then the night began ... Udayan and I hadn't seen each other in months ... we couldn't even remember when was the last time we had seen eachother. So we had a lot to catch up on. And as the drinks kept coming (we had 3 at the first bar), the night seemed like it was only beginning.

At 1am, we had to find ourselves a new bar, since we were getting kicked out. We went to the JW Marriot (5 min rickshaw ride away) only to find their bar was closed too. So we came back to my hotel -- and that bar was closed to. The only solution was room services, which was the only place they would serve alcohol. But my dad was sound asleep in my room ... so we ordered the room service from the lobby, and waited in the hallway in front of my room till the drinks came. Udayan got 'laalchi' at this point, and made us order 2 little bottles of alcohol on top of our two drinks ... btw -- Udayan will do JHOOTHA now!! I had to see it to believe it ... and this was even before he was drunk.
So we had our drink ... and headed out in the auto rickshaw to JW Marriott again! This time to eat ... bad food ... Udayan and I parked ourselves on a furry couch at one point and kept taking self taken photographs, none of which we like, and sadly, I think I deleted them all bc we kept finding faults in them (mainly 'I look fat').
At 4am, we finally called it a night. I had to wake up at 7am to catch a flt to Chennai and go straight to work from there ... and Udayan had a crazy day of walking through slums, taking the local train (which is a life threatening experience, no joke), and whatever else it is that he does with his time.

All in all ... it was a lot of fun. I would say it was one of the best times I've had with Udayan ... barring maybe our classic 'Udayan and Antara's Day of Fun' that was never repeated after the first time. But you know ... there was alcohol involved in this night, so all the more interesting!

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