Thursday, April 12, 2007

To-Do List

These next few days are going to fly by. I can think of a dozen things I need to do before I leave:
1) sign tax papers, 2) deposit & send checks, 3) close bank acct, 4) go to appt with florist, 5) look at photographer's work, 6) book the photographer, 7) book tickets & hotel for beautician and pandit for the wedding, 8) buy stamps, 9) get a haircut, 10) pick up pants from the dry cleaners, 11) send film for development, 12 )complete & print out address labels for wedding invitations, 13) buy mom & dad's India tickets.

I'll probably think of a few more as I try to go to sleep. I'm excited about heading out to London. Really looking forward to starting a new film. Today I let Jag (my boss) know that I would have to go to India for a few days in the beginning of May, and he was ok with it ... which is a big relief for me. Now I'm ready to tackle the project ahead of me. Inshallah, all will go well.

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