Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sleep Dep

It's my second day in LA and I'm already starting to feel sleep deprived ... I'm not used to waking up when I'm getting less than 8 hrs of sleep (more like 10) ... Yesterday was a fruitful day ... I did 1/2 hr of Kathak (and abs!), worked with Jag, ate healthy, hung out at Shilpa didi's for dinner, and came back and worked with Jag till 2:30 am. I'm sore today, both in my legs and my abs.
Now I just can't let the feeling of sleep deprivation take over.

Seeing Simran was a lot of fun. She was so excited to see me and Shashank arrive, and welcomed me with a big hug. She also quickly noticed the shopping bag in my hands and got her hands into it. And then she got into a photo session mood, and kept posing for pictures on my lap. I showed her a photograph on my camera display, so she learned to come to see the display after each and every picture. She's also at that parrot stage, where she repeats anything you say. It's really cute ... I'm glad that I got to see her just two months after the last time I saw her. Hopefully she'll remember who her Antara Mausi is :-)

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