Wednesday, April 18, 2007

'Provoked' Premiere at the Indian Film Festival

I am quite impressed with the well organized and smoothly run Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. Red carpet, a lot of press, smoothly run, with people and drivers, constantly guiding and leading you in the right direction. Definitely a lot more organized than other Indian events and premieres I've seen in the past ... not that I've seen that many.

We got there and Jag was immediately swamped by the press. I hung out with Chandra aunty and other familiar faces I saw from the past -- some family friends of the Mundhras, other actors and crew I knew from previous films, and even a random friend from college. Nandita Das arrived, looking elegant as always, in a cream and gold sari. Nicholas Irons also came to support the film, with Sandra Teles. Thinking back at it ... I think Nick spent more time chatting with us than actually on the red carpet.

We went in for the opening of the film. Jag was introduced while we waited at the side. He spoke a little about the film, and his 27 year journey as a filmmaker. He went on to introduce Nandita, Nick, myself, and Uzma, inviting us on stage. After this we left, and actually didn't even get to watch the film, since the show was so sold out that we had to give up our seats. I don't think any of us particularly minded since we've all seen the film several times.

So we just hung out at the bar until the screening was over. My friend and I wanted to catch the reaction of the crowd when the film finished, but didn't make it into the theater at the end. I stood outside the theater, trying to listen to people's passing comments about the film. That didn't help. Finally, I just poked my nose into the audience poll basket ... it was filled with mainly 'goods' and a few 'greats.' I saw a 'poor,' and wondered who that was. That was the closest assessment I could get to the crowd reaction. Basing it on what people come and tell you is hardly indicative of the whole crowd ... those people who didn't like the film aren't going to come up and tell you that it sucked.

Afterwards we were guided to the Ivar, where the afterparty was. A really nice, big club, that I've never been to before. There was an area set aside for Provoked cast & crew, so we mainly hung out there. Free food, free drinks, decent company ... all in all it was a fun night. And, of course, the thing that made the night the best was the fact that the response of the film had been positive.

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