Monday, April 16, 2007

Hindi Blogging

Apparently, now you can blog in Hindi. And it's not like that old style complicated keyboard which requires a manual to understand. Unfortunately, it's not supported by Macs.

The best Hindi font I had seen was during the Dot-Com boom. There was a new email service called It supported writing emails in about 12 different languages, six of which were Indian languages. And it was the simplest transliteration I had ever seen. You pretty much wrote words out phonetically, and it had simple rules for different sounds ... such as the 't' in 'tasveer' versus the 't' in 'tamatar.' I actually taught myself how to read and write Punjabi from that website.

Alas, the stock market busted, and Langoo disappeared. I hope this blogger Hindi font is as easy to use as Langoo was.

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  1. ohhh my gosh!! i soooo rememebr that! we used to write to each other back in forth in Hindi! do you remember?? aah what fun! =)