Friday, April 20, 2007

Alliteration: film festivals are fun

I really enjoyed myself tonight at the screening of Kamla. Deepti Naval was being honored with a lifetime achievement award, so they were screening 3 of her films at the festival ... one of which was Jagmohan ji's 'Kamla,' which was made waaaay back in '84. There was a Q&A for Deepti before hand, and then Jag introduced the film. We actually didn't sit around to watch the film (again!) bc both Jag and I had watched it recently.

I was feeling a little out of it at this point. I was tired of making small talk to the random people we kept running into. I also felt like I was tagging along with Jag, and just wasn't enjoying trying to catch up with his conversations with people. We were invited to a dinner that a small group of people were going to (abt 20) at a nearby restaurant called 'Tantra.' I was quite dreading it, to be honest, but knew it was something I had to do.

I sat at the end of a table of twenty people of which I knew about two. One of the guys sitting near us knew me from Cal (I have no idea how he placed who I was ... but he said Jag mentioned that I went to Berkeley when he introduced me the previous night on stage, so that's where he put two and two together). He seemed like a friendly guy; an aspiring actor and filmmaker, whose short had just screened at the film festival. He's from the Bay Area too.

But I spent most of the night chatting with the guy sitting next to me. He was nice and easy to talk to. Sometimes conversation becomes entirely small talk and forced at these kinds of things that you get tired after awhile. But he seemed a lot more ... um, I guess I would say real, for a lack of a better word. And then I found out that he was the director of a film that I had recently seen and thoroughly enjoyed at Cinequest, called 'Outsourced.' I was really happy to get to meet this talented, debut filmmaker and talk about his filmmaking experience. Unlike many white guys who are into India, this guy was really balanced and didn't come across as a hippie freak. Although he was vegetarian ... :-)

Overall, I had a really good time that night, and it made me want to frequent more film festivals ... except next time I want to go with a film of my own.

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