Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trip to Portland

Vaishali & I came to Portland last night to visit Sapna didi, Vikrant Jija ji, and their new baby Savi. Oh my gosh, she's soooo cute! I can't tell if it's a personal aunt bias, or if she really is just absolutely adorable. I think it's the latter. Thinking back at it, both Sapna and Samir were one of the cutest babies I've ever seen till this date, so it's not an entire surprise that Savi is that cute.
Anyway, so we're just chillin around in our PJ's at 1pm. The grand plan for today is to make kadhi-chawal for when Mausi, Mausa ji and Samir arrive at night. I brought over Kingsuk's analog Nikon camera, that I've loaded a roll of black & white film in ... so my goal is to get some cute baby pix ... that way I can justify to myself that I like taking pictures, and can buy myself that new Digital Canon SLR that both me and Brahma have been eyeing for the last couple of weeks.
Ok, that's that. Maybe in a week or so I can post some of the pictures I've taken this time in Portland. Beautiful city, by the way. I just don't think we'll get out much to see it, since everything is so cumbersome with a cutie little baby around.

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