Friday, March 30, 2007

Analysis Paralysis

I just critiqued my friend Shaun's script. I realized that I enjoy analyzing and critiquing scripts. I don't think I'm much of a writer, but I think in the last few years my sense of structure has developed.
I've also been trying to analyze for myself why I'm not liking this season of 24. The main problem was the unlikelihoodness of the plot itself. The situations are so improbable, and lacking motive that it's way too far-fetched to believe. Another thing that I've noticed in this season vs. the others is the lack of suspense. The moment we (as the audience) discovers something in the terrorist plot ... literally by the next scene, CTU has discovered the exact same information. There is no period when you're on the edge of your seat, biting your finger nails because you know something that the good guys don't know, or vice-versa. So there is an overall lack of suspense in the season.
And lastly, the pace has just gotten slower. They often focus more on political, beaureaucratic, personal dramas, rather than having action packed scenes. It's been disappointing that I'm not so excited about this season, bc I was such a die-hard 24 fan before this. Except for the first 4 episodes, there has not been a single moment where I've felt compelled to watch the next episode. Of course I will continue to watch the rest of the season ... the same way I continue to watch Lost, even though I think the writers are completely lost themselves ... but these shows have become somewhat lackluster.

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