Friday, November 6, 2015

Main Hoon Na

We as a family (and Vaish) decided to watch "Main Hoon Na" about a month ago. I somehow had missed this gem of a film (as everyone told me) and since Puchku is a huge Shah Rukh fan, and knew all the songs, I figured it would be a good family watch.

It really was a fantastic, entertaining film. We all totally got into it, and the one epic scene where Shah Rukh saves Zayed and becomes the local college hero, we all started chanting "Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!" emphatically. Puchku loved it. Now, cut to 45 times of watching the film - he still shouts "Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!" every time that scene comes on.

He also has an ENORMOUS crush on Sushmita Sen. Puchku has a thing called 'Baddoo' that he does with me - where he lovingly hugs and caresses my bare stomach (yeah, he's gonna hate hearing about this as an adolescent). Until now, baddoo was reserved solely for Mumma. But, alas, times are changing, my little baby is becoming a boy. And last week he started on repeat "Mumma, Puchku Sushmita shaathe baddoo korbe." ("Puchku wants to do baddoo with Sushmita")

(Sigh!) I guess this is just one of the many mini-steps for accepting the eventuality that another woman will replace the apple of his eye! It's pretty hilarious for the time being though.

Another couple of cute things about Main Hoon Na -- Amrita Rao's character's name is named Sanjana, and they call her Sanju. In his mind, she is the same Sanju as his own Sanju didi (Parulekar). He's learned to identify Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, and Kabir Bedi from this film. For awhile he would pronounce Naseer's name as "Suneer-eta-sha" so we thought he was saying "Sunil Shetty," but now he's corrected his dyslexic pronunciation of the name.

He also knows that Kabir Bedi, as a sardar in the movie, plays an army officer, so he says "Army maane.... Sardar ji!" I guess it's an acceptable stereotype - there are a lot of Sardar ji's in the Indian Army. Also, when he says "Indian Army" it often sounds like "idiot army."

By the way, Shah Rukh Khan is the MAN. At least in the early 2000's he was SOLID.

It's a Friday night, we are all hanging out in the living room, as Main Hoon Na plays in the background. Baba is increasing the height on Puchku's balance bike, and I'm finally typing out this post that has been in my mind for so long. I made sundried tomato basil risotto for dinner with a side of roasted brussels sprouts. We're all going to actually eat dinner together - this pretty much never happens for the Brahma family!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ugly Saal

My Pupa says so many cute things these days, I don't even know where to start documenting them! These days he's on a Hindi fix - he's been trying to construct sentences in Hindi - and he really doesn't know how to, bc he's just more comfortable in Bangla in general. But I've been noticing he won't speak to me in Bangla, even though he knows how to say that particular sentence in Bangla.

This weekend I had the root canal from hell and was lying around doped up, comatose, holding my mouth for most of my waking hours. He was so sweet and gentle around me.

"Mumma ouchie hain?" and he brings my bone stem for my foot ultrasound. I explain that the ouchie is in Mumma's "mooiya" and not "pau."
"Oh, acha." pronounced just like that. Not the aspirated "achchha" that it should be :-)
"Mumma mooiya ouchie, bandaid?" I explained that I need "dawaai" for this ouchie to go away.
So he begins yelling to Baba in the other room.
"Baba!! Mumma dawaai!" he struggled a bit constructing a sentence, I can't remember what he did in between, but finally landed on "Baba! Iski dawaai kahaan hai?"

His other thing is calling me "bete." I think he got that from Nani, bc we don't call him bete, but I know Nana-Nani do. "Oh, bete, yeh kya hai?" Or just throwing in bete for the sake of it.

He keeps asking me to go visit Iain bhaiya. "Iain bhaiya kaachhe jaabe?" (We'll go to Iain bhaiya?) And I always respond with "Agle saal," next year. Now he just answers the question for himself - "Ugly saal." 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Last Time

I read this poem a couple of years ago, when Puchku was just a little baby, and it made me really sentimental (of course) - and reminded me of when I was a girl and had this tradition of 'Tuckkoo' with my dad. He would scoop me up in his arms, like a little baby, and carry me to my bed, and tuck me into bed by cocooning me into my 'coshi rajaai' (cozy quilt) and kiss me good night. This ritual lasted way longer than you imagine. I remember being 12 years old and running to the furthest corner of the house so that my 'godi ride' would be as long as possible. And I would stiffen up my body and straighten out my legs to make it difficult for my dad to get through the doorways - he would angle at diagonals to fit me through. My mom would rebuke me 'शरम नहीं आति - इतनी बड़ी हो गयी है, अभी भी डैडी से गोदी में उठवा रही है?' (Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You're so big and still having your father carry you?) My dad, always the out-of-box thinker that he is, would laugh it off, and tell her, 'करने दे. और कितने दिन कहेगी? एक दिन ख़ुद ही मना कर देगी।" (Let her do it, how much longer will she ask for it? One day, she will stop asking for it herself.") He went on to promise me that he would give me 'Tuckkoo" for as long as I asked for it, and would never say no. 

As he predicted, I did stop asking for it. We moved to a new house when I was 16 (yes, it lasted THAT long) and it was two storied, unlike the other homes we had previously resided in. I remember thinking that I could ask Daddy for tuckoo, but then thought it might be a bit much with the stairs and all. And I figured, moving to a new house was a landmark enough occasion to stop asking for it. 

Reading this poem made me think that I will never say no to 'godi' to my little boy. He's 33 lbs now, and well over half my height, so I look ridiculous carrying him - but pretty soon I'll have to stop carrying him godi bc it just won't be physically possible, so I try my best to carry him whenever he asks for it. 

But the reason I decided to write this blog post today is because I'm remember that Puchku always used to cry whenever he would see his nanny, Delmi, on Tuesday mornings. He would cry, cling to me, my legs, make excuses of 'ninni' or anything else he could to get me to stay with him. Wednesday the crying would taper to a whimper, and by Thursday and Friday he was fine with her arrival. Then the weekend would happen, and the same would repeat on Tuesdays all over again. 

I noticed in the last month or so, that he wasn't crying on Tuesdays anymore. He would see Delmi, and conversely start saying to me 'Bye Mumma! Mumma chakri korchhe!' (Mumma's working now). To the point that I would be making up excuses to linger around the room a little bit longer. I realized, that 'the last time' of him crying may have already happened, and I don't even remember when it was. 

I made myself feel better by remembering that we would be going on a 3 week cruise with the whole family, and upon returning, he would surely cry when he saw Delmi. I know - how evil is that - WANTING him to cry when he sees his nanny!! And so today the day arrived, and I prepared him by telling him that Delmi was coming. "No! No more Delmi!" The signs were looking promising for a waterworks outbreak. And then the moment arrived, and Delmi brought her 7 year old niece, Valeria with her - who Puchku just adores. "Smart move!" I told her when she came in, and we both laughed. Puchku didn't shed a tear. 

It was a bittersweet moment. I was, of course, happy that he didn't cry, and was looking forward to his day with friends. He's growing up so fast - it feels even faster than before because it's not the physical growth that's accelerated, but the mental growth. I'm grateful for all the time I get with him, because I know not all mothers have the luxury that I have - of half the time with a nanny, and half the time with me. It's a balance that keeps me sane with my own life and ambitions, and lets me savor the time that I do have with him. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hero Worship

Cute moment this morning I felt I should write about.

Puchku's really been into this Aveeno lotion we have in the living room. He always asks me to squirt a bit on both hands, and I've taught him to expand his realm of just smearing it on his hands to including his thighs (the kid never wears pants around the house - if I can get his underpants on him I feel like I've succeeded). There was a time when he started smearing it on his legs and he had his pajamas on... Anyway he's expanded to his cheeks and face, which is fine. Today he asked for the standard lotion, and then I see he's putting it on his forehead, into his hair. I start squealing, saying that's yucky! He goes over to the mirror and runs back over saying "Mumma! Puchku Withik!" He had styled his hair in a spiky hairstyle with the lotion, to what he thought was like Hrithik Roshan's hair.

His favorite Hindi movies have now expanded to the following:

  • Dhoom 1 (Umesh Dhoom, bc the first time he watched it, Umesh was visiting. We have an action sequence that we enact regularly together - and he can identify Abhishek, Uday, Esha, and John)
  • Dhoom 2 (Withik Dhoom - where he can identify Aishwarya & Bipasha, and Uday & Hrithik but hasn't made the connection that Abhishek from Dhoom 1 is the same Abhishek from Dhoom2 bc the guy put on 30+ lbs between the two films)
  • Ek Tha Tiger (Salman & Pacheena - Katrina, his total fave actress)
  • Om Shanti Om (ShahRukh Om Shanti - you should see his rendition of the OG 'Om Shanti Om' song with the growling 'aaaaaah!' in the end - oh, and he really likes Deepika too)
  • Daawat-e-Ishq ('Daamne Ishq' which is a total different genre from the rest of his preferences. But he loves yelling 'Gullu' and 'Taruuuu!' dialogues, and dancing to the title song by making a frisbee a thali and using it as a dhapli the way Taru does in the opening of the song)
  • Bang Bang (the O.G. that sparked his love for Withik, his favorite hero, and Pacheena, his favorite actress. I often find him and Delmi, his nanny, watching this film when I come home at night - I suspect Delmi enjoys Hrithik as much as the rest of us do!)
As I write this post, on a Saturday morning, my son is walking around only wearing a shirt (lost the battle of putting on his underwear after 2nd round of potty), spiked hair, blue finger nails (he's recently gotten into weekly nail polish, he chooses his color - and no mention of what his hands are busy playing with), singing 'Jana Gana Mana' - I think he knows more lyrics of the Indian National Anthem than I do. 

Why would anyone choose to sleep in on a Saturday morning when this is the alternative? :-)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sticking to it

I have to admit, I had a moment of concern when I took Puchku to his first soccer class and saw how much more kids his age communicate verbally as compared to my son. Kids a whole year younger than him are speaking in full sentences, and my kid is still only sticking to nouns, and the occasional incorrectly conjugated verb. But then I have to remind myself -- he's hearing 4 languages, it's ok, he will catch up. Because I know he will. I've seen it first hand when my sister Vaishali was a baby. She didn't speak a word of English when she went to preschool at the age of 3. And within a couple of months, she was just fine. So I know this, but I had that pang of anxiety, self-doubt and questioning and the sad realization that I was comparing my kid to other kids - oh God, how I've never wanted to do that. But it's hard not to.

So I continue to speak to him in Hindi/Bangla in class. I've been told you're supposed to stick to speaking only 1 language with the kid - I'm probably at 70% Hindi, 20% Bengali and 10% English. I thought until now that he didn't know the difference between Hindi and Bangla, but had a surprising moment when yesterday I was trying to get him to respond to someone asking him 'Tumi kemon aacho?" I told Puchku, 'Bolo, ami bhalo aachi!" to which he responds. "No -- Thammi India airplane -- whoosh!!" To translate that for you -- it meant 'No, Thammi has left for India now, I don't have to speak in Bangla.' Oh my gosh, I'm one of those moms who understands everything her kid is saying! Yay for me!!

Oh, that's another interesting thing I've noticed - that understanding what your kid is so much more about knowing the psychology behind his thinking than understanding the actual pronunciation of the words. So between me and King, we both have some insight on what he's thinking in different areas of expertise (King's far more attuned w/what toys and youtube videos he likes -- me, everything else).

Anyway, it's a great, great phase. I can't believe he's almost three. I kept calling him 2.5 till I realized he'll be three next month! And we've been potty trained for nearly 2 months! This week we even seem to be nailing poo-poo potty training, yay!

I wonder if we'll ever get to the stage where he sleeps through the night ...

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The other night he had song requests for his lullabies. I started with singing 'chanda hai tu' from Aradhana, and then he asked for Jumma Chumma. So we sang along to that song two or three times. Then he requested 'Oye.' In audio, he likes listening to Tirchi Topi Wale, but in video, he prefers the three hotties in 'Gajar ne kiya hai ishara.' So I sang that song and then he wanted to go back to Jumma Chumma. Finally we concluded with Sri Krishno Chaitonno, which is the song that always finally puts him to sleep. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

You dill it!

He says so many cute things these days- I wish I could have a recorder on for every moment! He mimics a lot, like the Elmo app that says "you did it!" To which he proudly yells "you dill it!" 

He sings "Jumma chumma de de" with such gusto! And of course BINGO and ABC's and twinkle twinkle. The pronunciation is all messed up but so cute. I need to catch it on recording one of these days. 

He's also reciting tatkar ki bandish's from tarana - attempts the ginti part.